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Gudrun Cottenier

Flower School Owner and Instructor, and Author of 5 floral design books

Gudrun is the owner and lead instructor of De Groene Ver Beelding Bloemenschool, a flower school in Mater, Belgium. She teaches over 2000 students each year in her charming studio attached to her home. She is the author of five books on floral design. Gudrun helped us put together our first flower tour introducing us to many of the instructors in this virtual tour.  We always look forward to seeing what new designs and mechanics she has created for us each year using materials including wax, leaves, branches, wool and much more. Come experience her teaching in her studio on the virtual tour.

De Groene Ver Beelding Bloemenschool

Tom De Wilde

Master Level Instructor and Event Florist

Tom has been involved in the floral business in Belgium for over sixteen years as a designer and instructor.  He is a full-time instructor at the Scheppers Institute and has taught the Master Class for many years at the professional Belgian school, Sytra. He was the Owner and Lead Designer at Poelman and De Wilde, one of the leading shops in Belgium.  With his engaging personality and expert teaching skills, Tom has been one of our European Tour instructors from the beginning.

Moniek Vanden Berghe

Master Florist, Teacher and Author of 6 books

Moniek designs flowers for weddings, parties, and funerals from her home studio in Belgium. Her style is beautiful using creative and innovative techniques and structures she designs. She has created major pieces for floral shows many of which are displayed in her garden. She has designed containers with Belgian companies. She is the author of 6 books on floral design. We love visiting her home to take classes and see her gallery of designs.

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Joan Stam

Founder of Bloom Tube and Event Designer

Joan is the Co-Founder of Bloom Tube, one of the original online floral instruction platforms. He has produced over 300 videos and taught all over the world.  He designs and creates luxury weddings and events around the world in India, France and more.  He grew up and still lives in the tulip field region.  He leads us on a tour of the tulip fields each year and will take us on a unique virtual tour of the tulips fields via bicycle. He will also teach a workshop which will be filled with new and innovative techniques.

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Rob Plattel

Natural Art Installations, Master Designer and Author

Rob's art installations using natural materials grace corporate offices and homes throughout the world.  He is known for his natural style using elements such as wood and grasses.  He creates these art pieces out of his studio in the middle of Holland. Rob has taught and worked around the world.  One of our original instructors, our students really enjoy the “Decorative versus Vegetative” workshop he has designed for us.  His workshops have taught us many techniques, such as armatures.  He is the author of Natural Art.  

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